Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Je suis Charlie

I am
the laughter
in your heart
when you savor
the skewed views
of our collective
I am
The ink
that tells your shame,
My shame--
The ink
that cartoons your foibles
and mine too
-- harshly,
and sometimes cruelly.
But still,
The ink
that draws your laughter,
may be your dismay
and sometimes your vitriol
when i proclaim
that I am Christian,
Moslem , Jewish , Hindi , Atheist.
I am
the ink
that provokes your ire
when i satirize
your Obatala,
Sopona, and Ogoun.
But again,
I am
the ink
That speaks
for your right to have a right.
I am
the ink
that bathes Generals
in the market place
and beats the drums
to which Presidents dance
on the paved pages
 of my naked tabloids.
I am
the ink
that simply tells a story:
That may provoke
Your anger or tickle your fancy :
The ink that tells :
You can tell your story too,
And you can tell my story too:
I am
the ink
that fears not
to satirize
your guts;
the ink
that fears not
to fear --
because I am
[Words and ideas from the mind of Victor Omotayo Sawyerr.10/1/2014. Pls share and join the : I am Charlie campaign.]

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