Sunday, 31 July 2016



During this 2016 US political debates, Republicans have consistently knocked 'political correctness', implying it's an aberration. They have done everything to undermine President Obama's commitment to 'measured considerations' , due process and his obvious desire to pursue the path of legality.

For us in the third world and Africa specifically who view and hold America's democratic process in high esteem, the consistent bashing of political correctness is not just shocking but scary.

If a powerful political congregation whose votes and actions have far reaching global consequences, regards political correctness as an aberration, how and where would they situate 'political recklessness' within the context of the recent RN and DN Conventions?

More importantly, If the Presidential Candidate of a leading political party in the U.S could call on the Intelligence Services of a rival nation just because he wants to win, this should send cold shivers right up the spines of all Americans, as well as citizens the world over. For God's sake this is just an election , not a war and to invite espionage on one's own country in order to score political points, hmmm, that's a very very dangerous call to make.

Interpreted: That candidate is threatening all of America, and by extension the rest of the world, that once he gets into office he will not tolerate objection or dissent (civil, political or legal) in any way shape or form, and if he feels even remotely that he does not enjoy the minutest support of the American Armed forces, or the members of any international alliance that the U.S is part of, he would not hesitate invite the Russians or any other willing whore to decimate the perceived enemies within.
While we watch all this drama play out right in front of our very eyes, many would ask:"How does this affect us , the rest of the world?"

The answer is simple: Suppose this particular candidate does indeed win the 2016 elections, and becomes the President of the most powerful country on earth right now, and then that man in his warped up mind for one reason or the other does not like the face or political make up of Country X in far flung Africa, or Country Y just a drive away from America, or country Z on the European continent, or even somewhere down under-- such a man would not hesitate to make a pact with 'the devil' to dispatch the government of that country, or easier still, since he controls the nuclear codes, nothing stops him from using them. This is infact the more frightening prospect. May be we should shout from all the mountain tops in our various countries: Wake up America: Obama was not the'anti-christ' , infact he still isn't -- (the impersonation of evil) many believed he would be. Certainly he did not introduce demand we all carry that feared number 666 on our persons as many had impressed on us that he would. But we are at that cross roads now people: If that next man is voted in would he be?

Let's think about this for a moment. That man has clearly told us he has no value for political correctness. He has told us he can stand in the streets right there and shoot somebody and his supporters will hail him, applaud him. He loves saying 'You're fired'. The concept of someone being fired is crystallized in his psyche. His idea of fun is 'shunting' any organized system. He has consistently said he cares not for the helpless or the homeless or the poor and needy. He cares only for himself and his team of heartless supporters. He has told the world he is not afraid to put troops on the ground anywhere. This man must not be allowed to have control of those nuclear codes. This is not a TV game show.

If we reflect deeply, the world finally disovered they had to stand up to Hitler not simply because they felt for and felt with the Jews but because they suddenly realized that what was happening to the Jews would happen to them shortly if they did not stand up to him. Well many supporters of Trump might not fathom that his abrasive, corrosive thoughts, speeches and call to action could impact them also badly, that they'd regret it sooner or later, but a fly caught in a vortex still imagines its flying free until it gets slammed against a rock.

Did I hear someone say the US congress and the US Armed forces have more sense than that? Sorry. Did you say the U.S Army? The...URussian Army? Goodbye US Armed forces-- read his lips, the man is already telling Americans he has no confidence in either the US Intelligence services or the US Armed forces for that matter.
Sadder still is, Americans believing he will create a thriving environment for employment and an environment that will help businesses grow. Well, 'you're fired' will no longer be a euphemism for being sacked. It would mean just what it means : You're fired.
And if anyone, including his most ardent supporters believe Trump will create a level playing field for all Americans, please take this fish for picking: " Politics has no place for name calling" Yes Trump didn't say that, his VP select did. The interpretation: Mr. Pence is only reaffirming what Trump has been preaching throughout his campaign-- do as I tell you, don't do as I do. You and I do not belong to the same class whoever you may be.

Does this apply to us the rest of the world directly? Well, sadly it does. It is true that everyday less powerful countries get kicked on the shin in the football field of commerce and trade, and we get outsmarted in deals at the casinos of economics and international finance but we all know that every now and then one of our own ' breaks through the glass ceiling' ( courtesy CNN and Hillary Clinton). Yes, 'every now and then' may not be enough for us but its way much better than being enslaved, and with no hope whatsoever of any of ours breaking through that glass ceiling again.

Not only will the rest of the world struggle to thrive without the conscience of political correctness to give hope for better deals to us in the third world, but there is an even greater implicit threat: Armageddon.

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