Monday, 29 February 2016



As a Nation we love our parties, we love having our 'chilled' drinks while we expound on the state of the nation in every which way it hits us, and then -- no doubt we love our women too, and then also we love our football. No, we are passionate, fanatical about our football. Curiously also, we love ignoring antecedents, history, precedents although their stories provide the meaty flesh we love to ruminate on all year through.

About 7 months ago the NFF(Nigeria Football Federation)  President , Amaju Pinnick, cited insurbodination and lack of committment as the reasons for sacking coach Stephen Keshi, while in the same breath, boldly told Football loving Nigerians that he trusted that Coach Sunday Oliseh ' had the temperament to work harmoniously with the Technical and development committee...'

While many had applauded this move, The Online Editorial  [ click to read the full story ] had raised a red flag citing Olishe's many instances of questionable temperamental disposition. That post had ended with the question : "Is Sunday Oliseh's appointment really a master stroke, or just a loaded gun looking for a burst-up?"

Seven months on the answer is clear to all : NFF and Sunday Oliseh have parted ways in a not so tidy manner. It was infact, in a messier manner than when the NFF parted ways with Keshi. On the 26th February 2016,  week Sunday Oliseh tendered his resignation , accusing the NFF of not giving him the needed support to deliver on his job.  [  click to read Oliseh's resignation letter here. ]

The NFF-OLISEH burst-up not only provided juice for the media but is now bordering on issues where a few people are calling on the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) to investigate the body. This may be a debate for another day.

The Online Editorial's focus is really on something less complex : There really is nothing wrong with the Amaju Pinnick led NFF to have come clean. He should have simply told Nigerians that he only wanted to give his 'country man' , Oliseh--(they come from the same State ), a chance. If he had come out candidly to say that, a few of us who are doggedly analytical would have understood. The debate we are now going to raise would have had no place.

But to have categorically said that Oliseh had the ' temperament to ...' clearly indicates one of two things. Either the leadership of the NFF was grossly incompetent and lacking in the ability to read character, and draw credible inferences from available data, or, ( and this I believe is a greater sin) -- the NFF deliberately, calculatedly lied to soccer loving Nigerians for some veiled , dubious reason.

In either case the NFF should do the honourable thing and come clean to Nigerians. They not only owe Nigerians an apology, but they should as a duty to this nation address the issues concerning Sunday Oliseh and his assistant Jean Francois Loscuito's claims of being owed salaries going several months back. Oliseh's assistant, Loscuito is being owed about One Hundred Thousand dollars ( according to an interview he granted to Brilla 88.9, ). This is a major embarassment to the NFF and Nigeria as a whole. On air, Mr. Loscuito almost in tears appealed to the NFF to please pay his salary as he had a family to provide for and outstanding medical bills to settle. This is not the NFF a man of Amaju Pinnick's stature should be leading. As a former sports professional himself the NFF President should relate to the plight and desires of professional sports people in Nigeria.

All said, a more important question for us however, is how does all of this affect soccer lovers in Nigeria?

Answer: If the NFF does not give the interim coaching crew the needed support, Nigeria's qualification for the next African Nations Cup will be in jeopardy. If Nigeria again does not qualify we can only imagine the loss in terms of business opportunities nationwide, loss of earnings to NFF from CAF and of course real exposure for our footballers.

In the final anaysis, this absolutely avoidable state of affairs leaves a huge quesion hanging over the Amaju Pinnick led NFF: Is he the right man to lead the NFF beyond the tenure of his first term? Mr. Pinnick still has a few more years to answer that question.

Sunday, 14 February 2016



Although today's musical genres are not often  lyrically sophisticated, there is no doubt the quality of melodic beauty, and breath-taking music that impresses us on a daily basis. Check out the Davidos, Wiz Kids, Small Doctors, not to talk of the Tiwa Savages, Omawumis, Shasha Ps, of this world -- Nigerians indeed are taking the Nigerian experience global.
And in comes a fresh , vibrant new talent looking to join this list of rocking superstars in a little while, and her name is -- Tiseh.


Tiseh tell us What is your real name, and where do you come from?

My name is Adegboyega Bunmi Babatiseh , I am from Ekiti state, Ado Ekiti to be precise and I am based in Ekiti but I may soon be based in Lagos.

You say may? What, are you going to get married and move to Lagos ?

(Screams) Nooooooooo! Just me, so that I can get more exposure and promote my music.

Why 'Tishe? The name must have a special meaning and aspiration for you .

The full meaning of the name is BABATISHE. I use Tiseh because a lot of my friends call me by that name. It's unique and its dear to me.

When, how and why did you decide to get into music ?

I started singing right from the age of six, as a chorister. The reason why I decided to make it as a career is because I feel whole while singing. I have passion for it. The thing is I can't do without singing for a day 'cause it's my life.

                                          Schooling , how far ?

I'll be 21 yrs old by June. Actually I'm still schooling but I just finished my OND this January. I finished from the Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti.

Who believes more in your music -- your mum or your dad ?

My mum and my younger sister believe more in my singing abilities. It's not as if my family is not supporting me but I don't feel that overwhelming emotion from them, that's all but as they say -- no family in London.

My biggest challenge though is from my neighborhood -- people are critical of me because I am in the church choir and I also go to shows and parties but this does not depress me because I stay focused at what I want to do.

What's your biggest challenge professionally, so far?

My biggest challenge professionally was getting money to book the studio, engage an engineer and make music. I do not give up easily. I met people, harassed my friends and loved ones -- in fact anybody who could contribute to my dream, I made sure I reached out to them. In fact I still keep going to shows and meeting people. I do not relent-- I believe that's the way to success .

What kind of music do you sing and what's your target audience?

Afro-pop and dance hall is what I do. My target audience is everyone because I am trying to make my own music -- you know create some deep emotional impact with my music. It's not just for the youth but for everyone.

                                        Who writes your lyrics?

I write my lyrics by myself and my inspiration comes from within. I am passionate about what I write and sing. Sometimes in my songs I draw from the olden days, but it's nothing deeply philosophical. For example in this new single a part of it goes like this :
   ëye meji tolongo ooo,
   éye meji tolong ooo, leee-en.
It's symbolic of two birds walking together, playing together. You see, simple. I believe in connecting with people. In my songs and lyrics I simply try to connect with people.

Tell us the story of your life as an artiste.

Life as an artiste can be rough sometimes -- infact unless you've made it, it is very rough but I love what I do so it is worth the pain. I don't give damn about any haters!!

Tell us about this your new single. When did it debut?
When are we hoping to view the music video?

My new single is titled "Your Love " CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO TISEH'S SONG It's breaking to the public on Valentine day. It's going to break on all social media platforms. I'm looking to shoot a creative music video to this single in March.
And tell us are you on to any label at the moment?

No I am not with any label at the moment . You know how labels are these days, it's after you've made it that they come knocking. Anyway I am doing my thing and I have faith in myself and in my music. Believe me when I say I am on the way to the top.

You  certainly have a lot of confidence?

(Laughs) That is what keeps me going-- confidence and belief. Music makes me tick. When I am down I find peace with music. When I am with my friends we enjoy music together. Music makes me rock.

Tell us about your first time in the studio  CLICK TO LISTEN TO TISEH'S MUSIC TOO

Wow!! It was fun. I was nervous and hitting all kinds of wrong notes. The song is a love song "Love in Lagos" . When my producer saw how nervous I was he sat me down and told me to pretend that the song was about him -- that I was singing to him. And it worked. All my nervousness went away. My emotions took over. In fact it was a lot of fun.

The music industry is very competitive what makes you believe you can
become one of the knockout stars of the future like
Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Sasha P or even Omawunmi ?

What makes me believe ? (she laughs) I've got passion. I've got love , I've got faith in music that's it. But I also spend time researching, studying music trends , understudying the big acts here in Nigeria and showing up whenever I'm called for shows. I put in hard work and I believe because I've got faith brother, and I am sure I am going to make it big.

We're celebrating valentine in less than 48 hours,
what are your views about love and the challenges of love?

It's a great thing to be in love , although am not into a relationship right now. I jus dey chill -- putting my all into my music you know.

Are you searching?

(Screams) Aaaaah!! No oooo I am not searching ooo. I am sure valentine will be a great day for lovers but for me I will spend my val with the 2 special people in my life , my mum and my sister.

What's your last word to your fans ?

I just love to tell them that when I look at them I see my future in front of my very eyes -- like a star in the sky I will shine one day -- and they will always have a special place in my heart. I love you all! I love you all! It's your girl Tiseh saying happy valentine this year and in the years ahead.

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