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As the 'ember' months kick in and work accelerates to a frantic pace for all of us, somewhere at the back of our minds we are already planning for the yuletide -- strategizing on what would be the best way to catch some fun with friends and family.
For Music lovers all over the world, beach parties , indoor and outdoor music shows are the 'in-thing' and for Nigerians, Music Africa is already on a high-drive, pulling all the stops, to rock them once again at the Music Africa Beach Splash .
David Nwachukwu is the project Manager, Music Africa Beach Splash.

DAVID: In 2014, our first show, the theme was "Enjoy the Music". Music Africa simply wanted people to come out and have fun in a safe, secure outdoor environment. Something they had not enjoyed for close to 2 decades now in Lagos. We will keep the 2015 theme close to our chest for now until the full campaign kicks off soon but I promise you , this year's Music Africa beach Splash will rock like no other event has in a long, long while.

Will MABS 2015 be full of the same old, same old ?

DAVID: Here's the thing, In 2014 we gave our audience the likes of OritsheFemi, Jaywon, Malaika, LKT and many other show stoppers, but this year's show is going to be a once in a lifetime show : Think Ghanaian acts, think Tanzanian musicians, and a few other African countries plus a lot of your own home boys: Think Tu-Face, Vector, OritsheFemi, Olamide and a lot of others and comedians too, all on one platform. Tell you something, Music Africa Television has always prided itself in being Afro centric so we have decided to bring the African Music community to Nigeria, show them our beautiful country and generally have fun together.

That's a lot of different personalities to keep on one platform...

DAVID: Of course, but the show will be hosted by personalities that are guaranteed to keep the oil in the groove. It will be a mix and match no one can afford to miss.

Now that you mention it why does Music Africa integrate so many Fresh Artistes into its programmes and shows?

   DAVID: Music Africa has always taken pride in developing artistes. How can we sustain the tempo that the entertainment industry has today, if we do not support fresh artistes? The entertainment industry in the country today is contributing hugely to the country's GDP and it is responsible for the reduction of non-graduate youth unemployment. This infact is the thrust of my boss's passion, the MD of Music Africa, Philip Trimnell.
  He says to me all the time: "David we have to give some of these fresh acts opportunity. That's all some of them need -- opportunity."
  And that's why you see them a lot on our shows and our programmes. We know that if we do not provide a platform for some of these talents they will just fizzle out. So we give them that platform to showcase their talent -- to perform alongside the established Stars and learn a few things from them. We give to them their 15 Minutes of fame and hope they will yearn for more.

 Tell us about the Venue:

  DAVID: Before I say anything about the venue let me say this -- The Miiusic Africa Beach Splash caters to the family. We plan it in such a way that you can come out with your whole family and enjoy the show, have fun and stay as late as you can afford to without worrying about security, or where to buy food and drinks or long drive back home?

The Chaka Beach resorts is a secure and safe environment. It offers a beautiful landscape view and a serene atmosphere, and If at the end of a long, exhilarating day you decide you want to give your family a 5-star treatment in a first class facility, the hotel gives a decent discount for the yuletide season. If on the other hand you decide you simply want to laze on the beach, it costs you nothing. You are secured.


So why should anyone partner with you on bringing on a show like this ?

DAVID: Think about this: Music Africa Television alone commands a proven 6 Million Viewers on a daily basis ,
  and an approximate daily cumulative followership of 20,000 on facebook, twitter, Instagram and the Music Africa Online TV.

We have strong media partners , Silverbird Television, Trace Urban Television, and several Radio Stations. If you partner with the Music Africa Beach Splash, you have a choice of these platforms to showcase your products. But I tell you this, nothing beats branding the venue with your products: Not only will you have the attention of the audience, but every time snippets of the show is aired you're likely to get an infinite mileage. Trust me people are more receptive during the festive period, and we provide the platform that would give your product the mileage you'd love for it to get.
Thank you David.
  DAVID: Thank you. It's been great talking to you. Make sure you come party with us at the Music Africa Beach Splash 2015. Don't miss it , or you'll miss out.


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