Saturday, 16 May 2015


Samplers of good music , like connoisseurs of good wine are always on the lookout for the next good music or the next vintage wine. Once in every while though, the past hits back at us and demands we take notice. Many who loved the '90s brand of music and Rap, still remember the breathtaking deliveries of the late superstar and screen Diva Aaliyah Haughton, known to many simply as Aaliyah.
One of her greatest tracks , "One in a Million" went platinum back in the day and dance hall animals of the era I guess would still remember how many 'belly-buttons' they 'pushed' as a result of it.

 One person who is keen on ensuring the Diva is kept alive in the minds of music lovers all over the world is multi-talented producer Timbaland . Timbaland has made it a point to encourage artistes that he works with to keep the magic in Aaliyah's songs alive.
The Super-Producer who is currently working with a relatively new act, singer, songwriter and rapper Trinity Home, better known by her stage name as Tink,

is paying homage to Aaliyah in a new track titled "Millions", a mix-tape version of the Late Aaliyah's platinum hitting song "One in a Million". Tink's rendition is considered to be a bridge between Old school and new school R&B. This home girl from Calumet, Illinois threw a light into the corners of her soul recently with this tweet which indeed shows why she may yet take the world by storm in a not too distant future : "I'm not clingy, I'm just intimate. I'm not insecure, I'm just sensitive."

Tink who turned 20 in March this year, has been enchanting hearts across America with her sultry mix tapes (5 to date since 2012), and is due to release her studio album this year on the Mosely Music Group label run by --- you guessed it , Timbaland.

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