Tuesday, 5 May 2015



Nollywood, Africa's largest and most vibrant film industry has lost yet another gem , a veteran, Peter Bunor. In recent years Nollywood has lost some of its finest actors including the Late Same Loco Efe, Justus Esiri,  Enebeli Elebuwa and Muna Obiekwe.
Peter Bunor

The Late Peter Bunor had suffered from stroke for a while before passing on, bringing to the fore once again the issue of lack of 'deliverable' health insurance for an industry that in 2013 alone generated a total revenue of =N= 1.72 Trillion ($10 Billion) . This also highlights the true situation of Nollywood -- an industry that lacks proper corporate structures and basically exploits its biggest assets , the Actors and Actresses.
For a country where there is no lack of innovative entrepreneurship it is sad that none of the big insurance companies think it worth their while to provide comprehensive health cover in an affordable way for actors who in truth and indeed are not as affluent as the screen characters they portray.

Health insurance is critical and crucial for Nollywood as the recent spate of deaths may be an indication that the lifestyle of actors -- late night shoots and poor eating habits may in the long run impact negatively on Nollywood.

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